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Preacher`s Kid. Lambert M. Surhone

ID: 5545845

Lambert M. Surhone

Preacher`s Kid

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Издательство: Неизвестно
c. 140
2010 г.

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Preacher`s kid (abbreviated as PK) is a term to refer to a child of a preacher, pastor, deacon, vicar, minister or other similar church leader. Although the phrase can be used in a purely descriptive way, it is often used pejoratively or stereotypically. It is mainly used in the United States. Some clergy live in social networks that impose uncodified and perhaps unconscious expectations about the conduct, not only of the clergy themselves, but also the members of their families. Children of church leaders are often subjected to greater scrutiny by the community than other children. People around them, including their parents, often set higher moral and behavioral standards for these children. Due to the greater visibility of these children, their mistakes are magnified and given extra attention. In addition, these children often sense that they are treated differently from others and can react in various disruptive ways.

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