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Alina Fernandez. Lambert M. Surhone

ID: 5545746

Lambert M. Surhone

Alina Fernandez

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Издательство: Неизвестно
c. 124
2010 г.

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Alina Fernandez Revuelta (born March 19, 1956) is the daughter of Fidel Castro and an outspoken critic of the Cuban communist regime. She lived under her father`s rule from when he took power in 1959 until she fled the country in 1993 with her daughter because of dissenting political views. As an illegitimate daughter of the President, she lived her young life with her mother, Natalia "Naty" Revuelta Clews, born in Havana in 1925 and married to Orlando Fernandez, and became a model and public relations director for a Cuban fashion company, according to the University Program Board. In 1993, she fled to Spain using false papers and disguised as a Spanish tourist using a wig. From Spain, she moved to Miami.

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