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Initialization Vector. Lambert M. Surhone

ID: 5545723

Lambert M. Surhone

Initialization Vector

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Издательство: Неизвестно
c. 132
2010 г.

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! In cryptography, an initialization vector (IV) is a block of bits that is required to allow a stream cipher or a block cipher to be executed in any of several modes of operation to produce a unique stream independent from other streams produced by the same encryption key, without having to go through a (usually lengthy) re-keying process. The size of the IV depends on the encryption algorithm and on the cryptographic protocol in use and is normally as large as the block size of the cipher or as large as the encryption key. The IV must be known to the recipient of the encrypted information to be able to decrypt it. This can be ensured in a number of ways: by transmitting the IV along with the ciphertext, by agreeing on it beforehand during the key exchange or the handshake, by calculating it (usually incrementally), or by measuring such parameters as current time (used in hardware authentication tokens such as RSA SecurID, VASCO Digipass,...

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