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Nachman Dushanski. Lambert M. Surhone

ID: 5545697

Lambert M. Surhone

Nachman Dushanski

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Издательство: Неизвестно
c. 156
2010 г.

Все издания этой книги

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Nachman Dushanski (also spelled Nachman Dushansky, Nachman Dushanskiy, Nachmanas Dusanskis, ????????? ?????? ????????) (born ca. 1919, died 2008) was a fugitive wanted on war crimes charges as being one of the main individuals responsible for the Rainiai massacre in June 1941. Being a Jew, he fled to Israel after the downfall of the Soviet Union. In 2001, an arrest warrant for Dushanski was issued and Lithuania formally requested that Israel extradite Dushanski. Israel, however, denied the request, having previously also denied other requests for cooperation in the investigation. The indictment of Dushanski names nine people that Dushanski either helped to deport or execute. According to the prosecutors, his victims included anti-Soviet resisters who had sought refuge in area forests to escape persecution by communist authorities. The actual activity Dushanski was involved in included bringing to justice Lithunaian individuals who actively...

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