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Measure for Measure/Troilus & Cressida/All`s Well that Ends Well. Shakespeare

ID: 4218334


Measure for Measure/Troilus & Cressida/All`s Well that Ends Well

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Издательство: Неизвестно
1988 г.
ISBN: 9780553212877

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Measure for Measure This, one of Shakespeare`s later comedies, is often called a "dark" comedy because of its focus on lust and death in a politically and morally corrupt Vienna-with much of the action taking place inside a prison. All`s Well That Ends Well A poor physician`s daughter heals a king and is rewarded with the aristocratic husband of her choice, in spite of his protests, in a compelling play that combines a folktale plot with a sophisticated look at the differences between word and deed. Troilus and Cressida One of Shakespeare`s great works, this innovative play is neither tragedy, comedy, nor romance. A story of ill-fated love, set during the siege of ancient Troy, it presents a strikingly modern view of a society falling apart, all moral value and coherence gone.

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