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Learning Express K1. Learning Skills.

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Learning Express K1. Learning Skills

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Издательство: Scholastic Inc.
2016 г.
ISBN: 978981071-350-8

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Help your child develop basic concepts such as size, direction, location and following directions. In addition, your child will develop problem-solving strategies and logical reasoning, distinguish similarities and differences, and recognizing relationships between items. These concepts are important across the entire school curriculum and school success. Topics covered: - Following directions - Identifying opposites - Comparing sizes - Sorting and classifying - Identifying sets - Recognizing relationships - Simple reasoning 80 pages. How to use this product: Keep On Going! - When performing everyday tasks, such as making a sandwich or opening a door with keys, invite your child to describe the procedure in simple steps using words like first, next, then and so on. (For instance, "First you take out the keys, next you put them in the keyhole, then you turn them and the door opens.") - Praise your child whenever he or she follows your verbal directions and point out that listening carefully is great practice for school.

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