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Past Tense (Jack Reacher 23). Child Lee

ID: 18267963

Child Lee

Past Tense (Jack Reacher 23)

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Издательство: Transworld
2019 г.
ISBN: 9780857504296

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The present can be tense... A young couple trying to get to New York City are stranded at a lonely motel in the middle of nowhere. Before long they`re trapped in an ominous game of life and death. But the past can be worse... Meanwhile, Jack Reacher sets out on an epic road trip across America. He doesn`t get far. Deep in the New England woods, he sees a sign to a place he has never been - the town where his father was born. But when he arrives he is told no one named Reacher ever lived there. Now he wonders: who`s lying? As the tension ratchets up and these two stories begin to entwine, the stakes have never been higher for Reacher. That`s for damn sure.

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