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Those Who Stay. Curt Stephenson

ID: 18207098

Curt Stephenson

Those Who Stay

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c. 180
2008 г.
ISBN: 9781438900292
Формат: 152x220

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This book is about the dream of a young boy to one day play football for the great Michigan Wolverines and their lengendary coach, Bo Schembechler. It is a true story. Follow the dream from it's roots to the day of walking into the coaches office to announce the boy's intention to play. The dream comes true and the most unusual journey begins to unfold. The book takes you into the locker room, out on to the field, to playing in front of hundreds of thousands and millions on television. You'll be on center stage at the Rose Bowl and witness all of the oddities that surround major college football from the eyes of the boy who had the dream and became a man, by adopting one of the coach's vision statements, "What the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve and those who stay will be champions".

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