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Which Way France?. Alexander Werth

ID: 18073356

Alexander Werth

Which Way France?

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c. 412
2007 г.
ISBN: 9781406775921

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WHICH WAY FRANCE To DARSIE GILLIE AND THOMAS CADETT ACKNOWLEDGMENT A large number of passages in this book have been taken from the Authors dispatches and articles in the Manchester Guardian. He is greatly indebted to the Editor for his kind permission to reprint them here. CONTENTS CHAPTER PAGE ACKNOWLEDGMENT - 7 PREFACE - ...... 15 I NON-STOP 1919-32 21 Armistice Day. Clemenceau. Germany Shall Pay. Millerand. Bolshevik Menace. Poincarl and the Ruhr. Left Election Victory of 1924. Financial Crisis of 1924-26. Herriot. Failure of Geneva Protocol. Locarno the next best thing. Poincare saves the franc. Briands peace policy. Three years of prosperity. End of Poincare . Tardieu and Laval. Decline of Briand. A great Franco-German Riddle. Briands death. Tardieu preaching bonne kumeur. II THE ABORTIVE FRONT POPULAIRE OF 1932 - 39 The Left Election Victory of 1 93 2. The Cahiers Huyghens. Conservative Radicals and uncompromising Socialists. The Herriot Cabinet. Lausanne. American War Debts. 1933 Illusion of French Stability. Fall of Daladier Gov ernment. End of 1933 the Great Crisis of Parliamentary Government. III THE SIXTH OF FEBRUARY AND AFTER 47 The Stavisky Bombshell. Anti-Parliamentary Press Cam paign. Chautemps braves the storm. Royalist riots. Fall of Chautemps Government. Daladier Government. Chiappe. 6th of February. A Fascist plot Support of public opinion. Daladier s resignation. February 7 A night of anarchy. The working class reacts. Com munist riot of February 9. Socia...

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