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A Kangaroo Loose in Scotland. One Memorable Summer. Lachlan Ness

ID: 18073310

Lachlan Ness

A Kangaroo Loose in Scotland. One Memorable Summer

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c. 226
2018 г.
ISBN: 9781543406214
Формат: 152x220

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Lachlan and Janet travel from Australia to live in a small village in beautiful Caithness, mainland Scotlands most northerly country. Lachlan has accepted a post as locum minister, unaware of the many adventures that await him and Janet. A parade of colorful characters crosses their path through the pages of the book. Lachlan describes his journeys from mainland Scotlands most northerly point to its most westerly town, down the Western Highlands, Inverness, Culloden, Ullapool, to the Summer Isles and Orkney. He conducts a memorial service among wild and lonely trackless hills at the site of the 1942 plane crash that killed the duke of Kent, the kings brother. Lachlan writes warmly of daily life among the delightful folk of his congregation and in villages in his parish while dealing with characters such as the dodgy Add-on John and auld Dugald, who wants his cat buried with him, while Lachlan himself manages to get himself into his usual predicaments. Here is Lachlan at his quirky best. If you love all things Scottish, youll love this book.

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