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The Dog. Man`s Best Friend. A Book For All Dog Lovers. Captain A.H. Trapman

ID: 18067329

Captain A.H. Trapman

The Dog. Man`s Best Friend. A Book For All Dog Lovers

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c. 344
2002 г.
ISBN: 9781846640520

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THE DOG: MAN'S BEST FRIEND- A BOOK FOR ALL DOG LOVERS. By Captain A.H. Trapman A VINTAGE DOG BOOKS CLASSIC REPRINT. Originally published in 1929, this extremely scarce early work on the dog is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. VINTAGE DOG BOOKS have republished it, using the original text and illustrations, as part of their History of the Dog series. This is a fascinating and absorbing title which will appeal to all true dog lovers. It is not just a collection of dog stories, but an attempt to present a synopsis of all that has been believed, thought, and written about man's best friend throughout the ages and to deduce from it some knowledge of the dog's psychology and mental processes. Captain Trapman has written one of the most entertaining and instructive contributions to dog literature ever published. He writes with authority, and yet with charm, of the link between dog and man that exists between man and no other creature. 'To the memory of all dogs who have loved man, and to all men who have loved a dog, this study of man's best friend is dedicated." -- Author. The book consists of over three hundred pages, plus thirty pages of illustrations, including many etchings by the famous artist Diana Thorne: Origin of the Dog. - Adown the Ages. - The Dog in History and Literature. - Racial Characteristics. - Great Men and their Dogs. - Some Great Dogs. - Spirituality of the Dog. - Supernatural Instincts. - Morality and Conscience. - ...

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