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Natural Dog Food. Susanne Reinerth

ID: 18067306

Susanne Reinerth

Natural Dog Food

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c. 224
2014 г.
ISBN: 9783735765529

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The "Natural Dog Food" method provides your dog with healthy, balanced meals based on the diet followed by wolves and wild dogs. The domestic dog still has the same food requirements as his wild ancestors: unlike external appearance, his digestive system has not changed over thousands of years of domestication. As a result, meat is still the most important ingredient in a dog's meal. This is enhanced by pureed vegetables, fruit, herbs, and other supplementary foods. The "Natural Dog Food" method is easy to implement and enables you to establish a healthy and beneficial diet for your dog with individual meal plans. Even in cases of illness, your dog will be well looked after with "Natural Dog Food", as health problems can be counteracted quickly and simply. "Natural Dog Food" gives interested dog owners the opportunity to provide their dogs with healthy, natural, and species-appropriate food. This reference book supplies the know-how required to prepare a healthy meal for your pet. All topics linked to the Natural Dog Food diet are comprehensively covered, from arthrosis to time management.

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