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A Memoir of the REV. John Russell and His Out-Of-Door Life. E. W. L. Davies

ID: 18067292

E. W. L. Davies

A Memoir of the REV. John Russell and His Out-Of-Door Life

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c. 420
2005 г.
ISBN: 9781846640445

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A VINTAGE DOG BOOKS CLASSIC REPRINT. Originally published in 1878 while the Rev. Russell was still alive, the book was then republished in 1883 with an extra chapter dealing with Russell's death and funeral. Both editions are now extremely scarce and expensive. VINTAGE DOG BOOKS have republished the 1883 edition, using the original text and illustrations as part of their CLASSIC BREED BOOKS series. The Rev. John Russell of Tordown in Devon is probably best known for his establishment of one of the worlds favourite dog breeds: The Jack Russell Terrier. This book is devoted to Russell's life as one of the great foxhunting characters in English history, and his passionate involvement with horses, hounds and terriers in his beloved Devon countryside. Although not a typical dog book this title will prove of great interest to anyone owning a Jack Russell Terrier, with its lively anecdotes of the history and origins of this game little dog. The author was a good friend of the Rev. Russell and before this book of memoirs was published he consulted his subject on the veracity of every line of its contents. John Russell's life and his love of sport is detailed from his early days at Tiverton School where he kept his first pack of hounds. For the next 75 years his life revolved around the Church and his love of hunting the fox, stag and hare. Upon his death in 1883 Russell left a legacy to the world not only of a hunting legend, but also the Jack Russell breed of terrier now...

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