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Dogs Have Angels Too. Sarah Cavallaro

ID: 18067288

Sarah Cavallaro

Dogs Have Angels Too


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c. 220
2011 г.
ISBN: 9781935340867

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2013 Winner of the Indie Readers Discovery Award! "DOGS HAVE ANGELS TOO reveals what these four-legged creatures give to us, which hopefully will unlock the hearts of the unfamiliar to shelter." -- Barbara Mcree, CEO of Mutt Madd-ness No-Kill Rescue In this novel set in the dog-eat-dog world of recessionary New York City, the irrepressible Miss Pink leads a pack of down-on-their-luck women who ultimately find hope in the most unlikely of places: an over-crowded animal shelter, where unwanted pets are routinely abandoned to their grim fates. Miss Pink, a former marketing executive and divorcee who is intermittently homeless herself, makes it her mission to find homes for a growing bevy of cuddly canines. Her "adoption walks" bring her to meet a series of fellow New Yorkers, all of whom are struggling with their own personal and financial crises. In other words, they are all uniquely ripe for recruitment in Miss Pink's master plan- which she's devising on the fly, by the seat of her favorite pink pants! "Miss Pink's passion for her two-legged and four-legged friends in an affirming message of love, will and triumph. May we all find our own heart of Miss Pink." - Cynthia Chauvin Miles, author of The 10 Ways to Get and Keep Your Man DOGS HAVE ANGELS TOO is fun, quirky read, dedicated to people who wish to redefine their lives by helping animals in need. A heart-warming comedy of errors for dog lovers of the twenty-first century. . . A percentag...

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