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Kitten Kindergarten. Sabine Schroll

ID: 18067216

Sabine Schroll

Kitten Kindergarten

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c. 226
2017 г.
ISBN: 9783743111189

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Educating your cat - does it really work? As cats are no puppies why would they need education and training? They do what they want anyways ... Our human demands on our cat as a companion and an emotional enrichment in our life increases. At the same time a cat?s freedom is limited by reducing it to an indoor playground only. Education and training in this book arecreated by the urgent need of a common level of understanding between cat and human to develop a new dimension of relationship. Using scientifically founded techniques simplified with fun educational games cats can be taught the most important lessons for life to walk the exciting path of kitten kindergarten together. Education does not mean to make a non-cat out of your cat. Sabine Schroll is a veterinarian specialized on behavior therapy. She works in a doctor's office primarily for cats in Austria.

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