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Communication Skills in English. Mahida Beena

ID: 18067193

Mahida Beena

Communication Skills in English

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c. 104
2014 г.
ISBN: 9783659428197
Формат: 152x220

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Communication is the self portrait of an individual presented through words. It is a vital activity of human being. Only human beings are endowed with the ability to use language for expressing their own ideas, feeling, attitudes, opinions , facts etc. And thereby, being supreme to other animals on the earth. It is said that , "Words are the cloths of thoughts, so one should never present words in clumsy manner".Communication Skills : A Comprehensive Handbook is a roadmap for basics of Communication Skills. The major thrust areas are : Concept of Communication, Methods of Communication, Types and Levels of Communication, Group Discussion, Interviews, Presentation Startagies, Reading Stratgies, Listening Skills, Business Letter Writing, Report Writing, Application Writing. Overall objective of this book is to help the reader get an overview of communication skills in nutshell form.

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