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Scholarly Publishing in Africa. Opportunities & Impediments.

ID: 18067164

Scholarly Publishing in Africa. Opportunities & Impediments

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c. 406
2010 г.
ISBN: 9780798302272

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This book interrogates one of the most important aspects of Africa's publishing industry, namely, scholarly publishing, which while it deserves more attention, generally receives little. The African publishing industry continues to be dominated by education publishing, although trade publishing is beginning to thrive, especially in the bigger industries such as South Africa and Egypt. Sadly, the same cannot be said about scholarly publishing which to all intents and purposes continues to remain the flotsam and jetsam of the African publishing landscape. It is therefore hoped that the incisive and perceptive observations contained herein will go a long way in influencing policymakers and other relevant stakeholders in developing an enabling environment for scholarly publishing to thrive.

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