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The Revolution of the Money-system for the Benefit of all humanity. Rafael D. Kasischke

ID: 18055181

Rafael D. Kasischke

The Revolution of the Money-system for the Benefit of all humanity

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c. 62
2014 г.
ISBN: 9783735771490

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It is not only the banking crisis that has brought to light how pointless a world is in which money only leads to money, and the relationship with life is lost. This threat is felt by many today, who ask themselves how this cycle can be broken. The author of this book demonstrates that the solution does not lie in renouncing money, but rather by appreciating it once again, and bringing it back in sync with our inner dimension, i.e. our heart and soul, because of the symbiotic relationship that exists between the two. We are tasked with dealing consciously with our money, by using it in a way that considers what is really important to us: education, training, health (agriculture, drinking water) and the economy. So that our children receive a proper education, which differs from that which we know, by not having profit maximization and the exploitation of man and nature as their sole objective. This deep understanding is connected to a concrete and comprehensive economic program that quickly leads to visible results, and brings a feel-good factor to those who follow it, which is better than any lucrative investment. This book is a plea for a turnaround in the way we look at money: If we can understand that we are the ones who create this material world through the way we think, through our thoughts and intentions, a new dawn will begin.

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