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Clean Break. Consciously Uncoupling A Guide to Divorce. Karen Stewart

ID: 18055147

Karen Stewart

Clean Break. Consciously Uncoupling A Guide to Divorce

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c. 282
2014 г.
ISBN: 9781460255568
Формат: 152x220

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"When it comes to divorce, there's the old way-and there's a better way. I know because I learned the hard way." -Karen Stewart, CEO and Founder of Fairway Divorce Solutions Typically, divorce is costly. It costs money- masses of your money. It costs time-hours spent in meeting, completing paperwork, and filing affidavits. It costs heartache as battle lines are drawn and loved ones, especially children, suffer emotional pain. There needs to be a better way to end a marriage. After her own costly divorce, Karen's ideas and vision lead to the creation of Fairway Divorce, this book, and a passion for advocating through media for changing the way divorce happens. In this book you'll find practical tools, inspiration, and a mediation/negotiation model that can be used to help you move more efficiently and effectively through all the decisions that need to be made in your divorce. By following this roadmap, you can avoid the costly pitfalls....

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