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Urban Sprawl and Occupational Change in Raipur City, India. Tina Nanda Arora

ID: 18055080

Tina Nanda Arora

Urban Sprawl and Occupational Change in Raipur City, India

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c. 156
2012 г.
ISBN: 9783846522301
Формат: 152x220

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Raipur is the State Capital of Chhattisgarh .Raipur has recently got the administrative function of the state capital. Hence, expanding very fast in almost in all direction. It is observed that its urban area increased from 25.17 sq km in 1971-1981 to 55.03 in 1981-1991 and 64.29 in 1991-2001, The average level of literacy of the town has arisen to 82.42 percent from 73.79 percent in 2001 .The major factors responsible for Urbanization historical factor of region, site and situation, social customs, administration and population and the controlling factors is natural factors like rugged topography and water barriers etc. This book lights on the relationship between urban sprawl and emerging land use pattern in Raipur city, To probe into the relationship between urban sprawl and the socio-economic transformations of dwellers of the City and to suggest suitable planning measures to counter the undesirable consequences of urban sprawl on the city's land use.

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