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The responsibility of mortgage sales for recent recession. Hoque Kazi Mozammel, Hassan Azizul

ID: 18054954

Hassan Azizul, Hoque Kazi Mozammel

The responsibility of mortgage sales for recent recession

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c. 64
2015 г.
ISBN: 9783659776618
Формат: 152x220

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This book outlines the impacts of property mortgage sale affecting the recent global recession. Critical explanations are offered in defined areas of property mortgage and complex nature of the global recession. Diverse data types as relevant are collected to analyse the specific situations. Interviews are conducted with employees, employers and responsible officials representing the mortgage market followed by an in-depth industry analysis. A set of questions covering diverse aspects of the mortgage market are used for the data collection purpose. Data and information as collected from the respondents are later presented both in explanatory and non-explanatory approaches using the MSExcel spreadsheets. Result outlines a clear link that exists between mortgage sales and the recent global recession. The study stresses on a valid and meaningful interaction between the mortgage lenders and borrowers emphasizing on the individual capacities of repayment.

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