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Protection of Human Rights During Elections in a Federal Arrangement. Yimer Lidetu

ID: 18054934

Yimer Lidetu

Protection of Human Rights During Elections in a Federal Arrangement

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c. 128
2013 г.
ISBN: 9783659377693
Формат: 152x220

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Many national as well as International Human Rights Organizations raised serious concerns and have criticized the Ethiopian government in regard to Human Rights violations during elections, which, in their view, have been directly related to the election process.However,Neither preemptive prevention mechanisms nor a governmental organization responsible for the election periods have established throughout history. The F.D.R.E constitution as well as other proclamations which were adopted for the protection of people's Rights are not discriminatory on basis of time and especial times like that of Elections. However, policy gaps are evident in addressing Human Right protections. Customary laws and practices have serious impacts on Human Right protection at the level of implementation. This book evidences gaps between policy and implementation. It also forwards recommendation to address Human Right protections identified to ensure equal protection.

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