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Provision of Communal Right of Way in Tanzania. Emmannuel Francis Mrema

ID: 18054899

Emmannuel Francis Mrema

Provision of Communal Right of Way in Tanzania

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c. 88
2012 г.
ISBN: 9783847370246
Формат: 152x220

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Tanzania like other developing countries is faced with rapid growth of unplanned settlements. Since independence in 1961, several efforts were done to harness the growth of these settlements. The earlier approaches to growth of unplanned settlements were negative thus demolition and clearance of the settlements was thought to be best solutions. The failure of the authorities to cope with the increase in urban population and non availability of well planned development land for the land seekers has given room to dominance of spontaneous/unplanned settlements to offer accommodation to more than 70% of the urban population especially in Urban areas of Sub Saharan region of Africa. New efforts to incorporate unplanned settlements in the planning authorities' strategies have to be taken to ensure decent developments are carried out in urban land and services are accessible. This will ensure sustainability to urban life.

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