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The Rights of Patients. The Basic ACLU Guide to Patient Rights. George J. Annas

ID: 18054275

George J. Annas

The Rights of Patients. The Basic ACLU Guide to Patient Rights

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c. 336
2012 г.
ISBN: 9781461267430

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George Annas, America's leading proponent of patient rights, spells them out for you in this revised, up-to-date edition of his groundbreaking classic. Thorough, comprehensive, and easy to follow-using a question-and-answer format in much of the text-The Rights of Patients explores all aspects of becoming an informed patient: • hospital organization • hospital rules • emergency treatment • admission and discharge • the patient rights movement • informed consent • surgery • obstetrical care • human experimentation and research • privacy and confidentiality • care of the dying • death, autopsy, and organ donation • medical malpractice.

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