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Urban Park in Ponta Grossa - Parana. A Bacia Hidrografica do Arroio Olarias. Caroline Oliveira

ID: 17929466

Caroline Oliveira

Urban Park in Ponta Grossa - Parana. A Bacia Hidrografica do Arroio Olarias

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c. 146
ISBN: 9783668146273
Формат: 148x210

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Bachelor Thesis from the year 2014 in the subject Landscape Management, grade: 89, , language: Portugues, abstract: This research explores concepts and methodologies for the development of design guidelines for an urban park in the Arroyo Olarias watershed. The Arroyo Olarias watershed is located in the municipality of Ponta Grossa (PR) and is responsible for part of the drainage its urban area. Its current state of contamination has led to the the proposal of an open public space that can contribute to its preservation. Initially, the research explores conceptually and historically themes related to urban rivers and the landscape they compose in the Brazilian cities, which include post-industrial landscapes and urban parks. In line with this investigation the research also analyses the municipality and urban area of Ponta Grossa and its relation to the watershed area. The research also studies three correlate cases in order to gather esthetic, methodological, technical and conceptual references for the proposal. Finally, the research culminates in the delimitation of the intervention area, in the elaboration of design guidelines and in a preliminary program for the urban park.

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