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Unlocking God`s Plans for Your Life. Timothy Wright

ID: 17923386

Timothy Wright

Unlocking God`s Plans for Your Life

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c. 74
2018 г.
ISBN: 9781644160817
Формат: 152x220

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I would like to tell you about how many degrees I have or maybe the hundreds of books I have read. But the truth is I am 62 years Old and the Bible is about the only book I read. My wife tells me that I am dyslexic, but I think it is a gift from God to help me with my poetry. He has always reminded me that in my weakness his strength is made strong. Over and over again in life’s trials I find his strength is made perfect in my weakness. So why not try something that in the world’s eyes would be impossible for me to do and give God all the glory. I think a lot about when I’m gone… will I leave something for my kids and grandkids to remember me by, and pray as Moses did for God to number my days and help me to finish all he’s called me to do.

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