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For the Sake of the Forest. An anthology from the Stanza Group.

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For the Sake of the Forest. An anthology from the Stanza Group

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c. 48
ISBN: 9780957510449
Формат: 152x220

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When Samantha Muir and I decided to start a poetry workshop in 2007 the world was a very different place. George W Bush was president of the USA, Great Britain had a new Prime Minister Gordon Brown and was a firm member of the European Union. Spain’s Prime Minister was Jos? Luis Zapatero. Andrew Motion was still England’s Poet Laureate, Apple launched the iPhone and self-parking cars were science fiction. It’s all changed now. Like a butterfly, our human environment often changes direction without giving notice, settling for a moment only to spin off to another adventure. Poets react to these changes, writing within whatever environment they find themselves, sometimes responding to the Zeitgeist whether it be cultural, worldly or political, and at other times drawing on past experiences, memories and pleasures. An examination of a decade of Stanza’s poetry paints a small portrait of what was in the air around us as individual poets during this time. Spain is a fascinating, inspiring country with a spectacular range of culture, glorious landscapes and intriguing cities. Some works in our anthology will give the reader an idea of what it’s like living and breathing in this delightful country. Yet other poems look at a wider environment, either via the personal poem as well as through poems directed more toward the public sphere. Whatever the inspiration behind the words, all the poems in this anthology have been through the Stanza workshop process. A writing workshop is a preci...

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