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Jean-Francois Koenig. Architect.

ID: 15682852

Jean-Francois Koenig. Architect

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Издательство: teNeues
c. 320
2018 г.

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In many regards, architecture of the 21st century has to fit a square peg into a round hole. It should be energetic and meaningful and yet be as sustainable as possible in all details. It should offer ample and proportioned space for its inhabitants, but also fit harmoniously into it's environment. Architect Jean-Francois Koenig has been meeting these requirements for four decades. With the goal of improving the life quality of the inhabitants and users of his buildings, he sets out elaborate aesthetic designs that also include infrastructure and transport connections. The projects in Jean-Francois Koenig's portfolio including offices, private houses, hotels, public buildings, and schools reflect his enhancement and integration of the many facets of urban life. When he won the third prize in an RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) competition in 1979, with Norman Foster as judge, Koenig was the only student amongst the winners. Even at that stage, his drawings for a pedestrian link between Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square demonstrated his sense for the city environment, not to mention his outstanding graphic talent. One of Koenig's many esteemed projects is the Mauritius Commercial Bank on the island of Mauritius, Koenig's native home, where he continues to reside.

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