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Emilio Pucci. Casadio Mariuccia

ID: 15618787

Casadio Mariuccia

Emilio Pucci

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Издательство: Assouline
c. 80
2004 г.

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Inspired by athletic wear and the bright flags used during horse races, Emilio Pucci designed unmistakable prints using combinations of bold colors and geometric shapes. Fashioned into silk jersey dresses that flattered the female figure, these light, versatile sheaths became all the rage among the international jet set of the 60s. Pretty soon, Pucci prints appeared everywhere on shoes, purses, luggage, billfolds, bathing suits, nightgowns, bras, and underpants. Then, between 1960 and 1970, Pucci's designs underwent a transformation: previously reserved for an enthusiastic elite, they became a mass phenomenon. Through the use of new types of fabrics, Pucci helped liberate women from girdles and padding, ushering in an extraordinary chapter in modern culture.

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