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The Saddest Place On Earth. Camille Rose Garcia

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Camille Rose Garcia

The Saddest Place On Earth

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Издательство: Turnaround Publisher
c. 128
2015 г.
ISBN: 978-0-86719-639-9

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A BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION OF THE ACCLAIMED CALIFORNIA PAINTER'S WORK Garcia's work serves as a looking glass into the everyday violence that supports the current power structure. Camille Rose Garcia's world is a beautiful place. It is the ballroom of an Empire, a forest of aquamarine jewels, a place where cream-layered cakes, crystal castles and opiate abundance serve to sedate the masses. But as the telescope retracts, the glossy veneer of privilege falls away to reveal another reality. Garcia's work examines ideas of decadence, deception and denial explored within the context of Empire.

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