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The History Book.

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The History Book

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Издательство: Dorling Kindersley
c. 352

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Go back in time and rewind history to the juicy bits. Do you think history is just about boring dates and long-dead kings and queens? Send your child back in time over 200,000 years to learn all about 100 billion people, 5,000 languages, 100 million books, 10,000 religions, 119 great empires, seven ancient wonders, two world wars, one Elvis and zero boring stuff. They'll explore history as they've never seen it before, read Napoleon's profile on a social networking site and see a news anchorman present the headlines as the heads roll in the French Revolution. This book is packed with 3,500 years of bloody battles, glorious empires, revolting revolutions, monstrous monarchs, and so much more. This is a journey into the good bits, the really amazing bits, the gory, exciting, bizarre and jaw-droppingly incredible bits of history, as your child has never read, seen, heard or experienced it before. It was previously published as "Take Me Back".

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