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Paul Cezanne. Lanchner Carolyn

ID: 15200787

Lanchner Carolyn

Paul Cezanne

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Издательство: The Museum of Modern Art
c. 48
2011 г.

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Paul Cézanne died in 1906, only six years into the twentieth century, but he is widely considered the founding figure of modernist painting, the artist whom Pablo Picasso called "the father of us all". This new volume in the MoMA artist series guides readers through ten memorable works by Cézanne in the collection of The Museum of Modern Art. His iconic paintings %%The Bather%% and %%Boy in a Red Vest%% are featured, along with still lifes and landscapes from earlier and later years. Carolyn Lanchner, a former curator of painting and sculpture at the Museum, contributes essays that illuminate each work.

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