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An inspired tribute to the astonishing beauty and priceless cultural treasures of America`s National Parks, National Geographc The National Parks is a lavish celebration of the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. This stunning volume collects the very best of National Geographic`s photographs, combined with an expertly told history: from the multi-hued layers of the Grand Canyon to the verdigris flame of the Statue of Liberty, this book presents a breathtaking panorama of the National Parks. Author Kim Heacox, an expert in the history of the National Parks and a former Denali National Park ranger, tells the unlikely story of the creation of the National Park Service and its wild success as it has grown over the last century, peppering his account with colorful characters both famous and littleknown. Beginning with the origins of the park service and tracing the evolution of its mission to protect "scenery" to becoming an advocate for cultural and natural preservation and conservation, Heacox weaves into his tale dozens of fascinating and stories and personalities. From the first female park ranger to a decidedly amateur scuba expedition that unearthed a submerged Civil War treasure trove, Heacox takes readers on a VIP tour of America`s rich natural and cultural heritage. Pages of eye-popping photo spreads punctuate each chapter and showcase the full sweep of wonders--from pristine coral reefs to the Gettysburg battlefield to glaciers and all the glorious diversity in between. A gift to give or keep, National Geographic The National Parks offers a breathtaking tour of the very best of America`s national treasures.

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