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Vanished Splendor. The Colorful World of the Romanovs. Robert Alexander

ID: 14490288

Robert Alexander

Vanished Splendor. The Colorful World of the Romanovs

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Издательство: Pegasus Toy-Kraft
2017 г.
ISBN: 978-1-68177-365-0

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Depicting the grand world of Nicholas and Alexandra Romanov--from their imperial palaces, costume balls and gowns, to jewels and Faberge objets d`art, and the magical meadows and forests of their empireVanished Splendor is a treat for the eyes and a delight for history buffs. Infused with Robert Alexander`s deep knowledge and love of Russian culture and art and detailed by Christopher Bohnet`s intricate skills, the coloring book captures in soul and spirit the fascinating era of the Romanovs, where nothing was done until it was overdone. It is a coloring book like no other--and all it takes to bring that magical time to life is the stroke of a colored pencil.

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