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Six. Crace Jim

ID: 14132417

Crace Jim


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Издательство: Picador
c. 224
2008 г.
ISBN: 978-0-330-45336-3

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Six is a tender, erotic comedy about a celebrated actor with an unusual quality. 'Every woman he dares to sleep with bares his child...' Gifted or cursed, Felix Dern has loved, certainly, but have these loves ever lasted? Only perhaps in this one particular way. Lix's six children are a constant reminder of what he did, with whom, and all in the pursuit of an elusive dream. Set in the glorious City of Kisses, this seamless novel charts the sexual history of a loving, baffled man through an original and mischievous exploration of attraction, polarity, and everything in between. 'Furiously frank and tender... Crace makes you feel as if you have never read a single true word about love, sex or babies until now' - Julie Myerson. 'Ingenious and beautifully written' - Jonathan Raban, Daily Telegraph Books of the Year.

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