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Moroccan Interiors. Lisa Lovatt-Smith

ID: 139313

Lisa Lovatt-Smith

Moroccan Interiors

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Издательство: Taschen
c. 320
1995 г.
ISBN: 3-8228-8177-5, 3-8228-8738-2

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This book explores contemporary interiors in a sun soaked land that stretches from the Sahara to the Mediterranean: Morocco. The diversity is breathtaking: the rural pise architecture of the south is a far cry from the Hispano-Moresque ornamental beauty of the imperial cities. Moroccan interiors are as endlessly various as the country itself, from the restored palaces in the medina of Marrakesh (where aesthetes of the international set now live) to humble troglodyte fishermen's homes at Sidi Moussa d`Aglou. The colourful palette of the country, and the very light, suffuse these very different homes with a vitality that is distinctive of modern Morocco even as it reflects contemporary trends in decor worldwide.

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