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Indian Interiors. Sunil Sethi

ID: 139305

Sunil Sethi

Indian Interiors

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Издательство: Taschen
c. 320
2000 г.
ISBN: 3-8228-7076-5, 3-8228-7105-2, 3-8228-7139-7

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`Shut you eyes and say the word India`, wrote Rudyard Kipling in `The Jungle Book`. It is a rubric worth following and draws legions if travellers every year to explore the breathtakingly diverse and ever-changing landscape of the sub-continent. `Indian Interiors` takes you straight to the heart of Indian by showing you how Indians live, in dwellings ranging from houses in the remote mountain strongholds of Ladakh to richly decorated nomadic homes in the wastelands of Kutch, from the shimmering pleasure palaces of Rajasthan to houseboats on the dream-like lakes of Kashmir. With this book as guide, you can wander through a `Bollywood` movie star's villa near Bombay, enter a house in Ahmedabad designed by Le Corbusier and savour the setting of a sumptuous mansion upon a hillside in Goa. This splendid volume captures the very essence of Indian style - many-layered, fragrant and forever enduring.

Комментарий: Edited by Angelika Taschen
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