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News Around the World. Content, Practitioners, and the Public. Pamela J. Shoemaker

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Pamela J. Shoemaker

News Around the World. Content, Practitioners, and the Public

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Издательство: Taylor and Francis
c. 409
2006 г.
ISBN: 978-0-415-97506-3

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What's news in one country, may not be of any interest anywhere else. News Values around the World examines how local notions of newsworthiness throughout the world make a crucial difference to what is reported and how it is reported. Examining a wide spectrum of countries based on the central principle of maximizing variation in geographic locations, economic and political systems, languages, size and culture, Pamela J. Shoemaker and Akiba A. Cohen present case studies on journalism in: Australia; Chile; China; China; Germany; India; Israel; Jordan; Russia; South Africa; and the United States. Exhaustively researched, this original book is a must for any journalism student across the English-speaking world.

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