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Teach Yourself PC Networking for Small Business. Price Anthony

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Price Anthony

Teach Yourself PC Networking for Small Business

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Издательство: Teach Yourself
c. 176
2008 г.
ISBN: 978-0-340-94000-6

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Just as small enterprises - businesses, voluntary organisations etc - acquired their first PC's s a decade or more ago, they are now implementing small networks, mainly to share resources such as ADSL (broadband) Internet connections. Larger companies have the resources to employ full time technical support staff or can afford to contract their network services to support companies. However, the truly small enterprise needs to be able to install and maintain a PC network and protect their business by protecting their data. This book is the perfect guide to installing and maintaining networks, disaster recovery, installing applications, client/server systems and security - all of the skills a small enterprise needs. With this book, which is fully updated to cover Windows Vista as well as XP, the small business, charity, school or any other small enterprise can manage their network and reduce technician's costs.

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