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Color Harmony: Layout. More than 800 Color Ways for Layouts That Work (+ CD-ROM). Marks Terry

ID: 13065247

Marks Terry

Color Harmony: Layout. More than 800 Color Ways for Layouts That Work (+ CD-ROM)

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Издательство: РИП-холдинг
c. 256
2011 г.
ISBN: 978-1-59253-258-2

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To illustrate how colors influence the message, this essential handbook starts with 10 layouts and applies more than 80 different color combinations to each, resulting in a vast collection of dynamic variations. Includes an interactive CD that allows users to choose layouts from the book, experiment with colors, and print them for reference. This tool illustrates the powerful role colors play in layout design. Selecting the right colors for any design project, whether personal от commercial, can make all the difference in whether a project communicates effectively to the designated audience. For most people, choosing the right colors is not an easy process. With this comprehensive collection, anyone can make effective and powerful choices for their design and client. Color Harmony: Layout opens with case studies of 10 featured designs; each study explains what the work was trying to achieve and why the particular palette was chosen. The book then follows with 21 chapters, headed by adjectives such as elegant, professional, or classic, that feature the palettes which best reflect the adjective. The chapters also include 10 designated layout designs in 4 different color combinations from that palette. The result: more than 800 color studies illustrating how varying color combinations can dynamically alter a given design and the message it communicates. Color Harmony: Layout is an insightful demonstration of the power of color and its ability to convey a message, as well as a time-saving handbook that all designers will turn to again and again.

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