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The Cry of the Wolf. Burgess Melvin

ID: 13056791

Burgess Melvin

The Cry of the Wolf

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Издательство: Transworld Publishers
c. 128
2005 г.

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A hunter determined to wipe out every wolf in England almost succeeds, but then finds himself the prey—a reissue of the debut novel by the author of the acclaimed Smack It was a mistake for Ben to tell the Hunter that there were still wolves in Surrey, for the Hunter was a fanatic, always on the lookout for unusual prey. Driven by an ambition to wipe out the last English wolves, the Hunter sets out on a savage quest, determined to shoot every last wolf in Britain. But Ben and his father are equally determined to save Silver, Conna, and their family of wolf cubs. What happens when the Hunter becomes the hunted?

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