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Словари для школьников

Collins First School Dictionary.

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Collins First School Dictionary

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Издательство: Collins Exclusive
2005 г.
ISBN: 9780007203536

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Especially designed for children aged 5 and over, Collins First School Dictionary has a clear design, bright illustrations, color headwords, simple definitions and example sentences, and an A Z on every page. The new Collins Word Wizard section gives a helping hand with writing, web links, and sets the Word Wizard challenge. Collins First School Dictionary has been especially designed to support the language and literacy needs of children aged 5 . It introduces early learners to essential dictionary features such as headwords, definitions and other forms of the word (for example, plural forms). It includes example sentences which highlight the headword to show how it can be used. Simple full sentence defintions and example sentences show the headword in a context familiar to the child. The A-Z on each page helps with alphabet skills and ensures that the dictionary is easy-to-use. Guidewords are also given on every page. Bright, colourful illustrations and photographs support language learning and make the dictionary lively and fun. PLUS new, updated word lists, writing help and support for using the internet, as well as an interactive quiz. Researched and developed in consultation with Literacy and Numeracy Consultants, teachers, parents and children.

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