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GAMES: THE BUSY DAY DOMINOES (Level: A2-B1) Набор из 48 карточек.

ID: 12626711

GAMES: THE BUSY DAY DOMINOES (Level: A2-B1) Набор из 48 карточек

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Издательство: ELI
2013 г.
ISBN: 9788881483006

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Spend a fun-filled day with the Johnson family and learn to actively use 48 essential verbs in English. Choose suitable tenses to conjugate the verbs as you match pictures and words to piece together an action-packed day. The Guide contains instructions and suggestions for a wide variety of language games and activities. The Busy Day Dominoes can be used in the language classroom or at home with family and friends. Размер карточек: 5,5 см х 11 см. Размер коробки: 21,5 см х 14,5 см х 4 см

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