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Putin`s Oil. The Yukos Affair and the Struggle for Russia. Sixsmith Martin

ID: 12527534

Sixsmith Martin

Putin`s Oil. The Yukos Affair and the Struggle for Russia

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Издательство: Continuum International
2010 г.
ISBN: 978-1-4411-9968-3

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This title investigates Vladimir Putin`s war for control of Russia`s vast oil reserves, in particular Mikhail Khodorkovsky`s oil firm, Yukos. Putin`s Oil investigates the complex world of Kremlin politics, including conspiracies and conspiracy theories, allegations that Roman Abramovitch plotted with Putin to destroy Khodorkovsky, suspicions of betrayal and double agents in the Kremlin and in Yukos, murder charges against Khodorkovsky`s partners, and the KGB defector who claims they were carried out by Kremlin agents. After the mysterious death in a helicopter crash of the Englishman who had taken over Yukos, the company`s war against the Kremlin is now being waged by a troika of mild mannered Britons, pursued by Interpol arrest warrants and Moscow`s fury. Khodorkovsky remains in a penal camp in far Eastern Siberia. Martin Sixsmith, former BBC Moscow Correspondent, has gained unprecedented access to many of the players in the drama. The resulting book is both a thriller and an analysis of the defining moments of Putin`s presidency and their ongoing impact in Russian and world politics.

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