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Soviet Glass.

ID: 11792124

Soviet Glass

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Издательство: Аврора
c. 348
1981 г.
Формат: 260x280

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As a definite cultural phenomenon, Soviet glassware has only been in existence for some four decades. However, it was naturally not built in a void, and in recent years glassware, like other branches of applied art, has been increasingly returning to its traditional roots. Reacting against the wearisome standardization of daily life and an unvarying conformism in design, artists have been trying to produce genuinely attractive work by concentrating on national characteristics, rhythms and forms of popular art, an indisputably professional finish and craftsmanship of meticulous subtlety. This interest in national heritage may just be a passing phase, or it may be a more serious and lasting trend. However, no branch of decorative art can be understood today without at least a general knowledge of its particular history and tradi­tions, and of the most typical techniques of the master craftsmen of the past.

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