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BattleTech: Commander`s Edition. House Steiner [starter].

ID: 116428

BattleTech: Commander`s Edition. House Steiner [starter]

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Издательство: Wizards of the Coast
c. 60
1998 г.
ISBN: 1-57530-517-8

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Take command of a force of BattleMechs®, 30-foot-tall engines of destruction that rule the battlefields of the 31st century. Drive your opponents from the field of battle by attacking with superior firepower and destroying their precious resources. This is the exciting, fast-paced trading card game based on the incredible future history of the BATTLETECH® universe created by FASA Corporation. Designed by Richard Garfield, award-winning creator of the Magic: The Gathering® trading card game.

House Steiner

Conventional wisdom dictates that the military forces of House Steiner are slow, ill-maintained, and bereft of strong leadership. The Steiner MechWarriors® are fond of reminding defeated opponents of this reputation. Far from inept, the soldiers of this House are dedicated and resourceful. While clever tactics and fancy maneuvers may be popular with the other Houses and Clans, House Steiner forces know that a big 'Mech® that can take a lot of pounding and keep delivering a withering fire on target gets the job done just as effectively.

Take this deck to the battlefield and serve up some serious hurtin'. Your enemy may be faster, better-equipped, and able to run circles around your 'Mechs, but the battle won't be won with clever tricks. In the end it all comes down to simple, raw firepower. This is your chance to pull the trigger!

Комментарий: Стартовая игровая колода содержит 60 специально подобранных карт второй базовой редакции ("Commander`s Edition") игры "BattleTech®". Игра предназначена для двух игроков, каждый из которых должен иметь подобранную колоду. Содержимое стартера представляет собой составленную в соответствии с правилами игры колоду, которую можно развивать и дополнять картами из бустер-комплектов. В комплект входят также правила игры на английском языке, краткое руководство, шестигранный кубик и 30 счетчиков-каунтеров.
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