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Three Men in a Boat. Jerome K.Jerome

ID: 114324

Jerome K.Jerome

Three Men in a Boat

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Издательство: Penguin Books
c. 192
1994 г.
Мягкая обложка
ISBN: 0-14-062133-4

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`Change of scene, and absence of the necessity for thought, will restore the mental equilibrium` In would be unfair to say that any of the three men were hypochondriacs: it was simply that they suffered from a constant malaise, consisting of every symptombut housemaid`s knee. The only cure for it was a revitalizing river in an open boat. Bearing frying pans, elusive toothbrushes, pies, lemonade and whisky, for medicinal purposes only, the three men and Montmorency the dog (whose ambition in life is to get in the way) embark on their hilarious adventures on the Thames. After considerable enjoyment and irritation - getting lost in the maze, arguing with some quarrelsome swans, falling in the river - the three men decide that being out if a boat seems a more inviting alternative. Despite being over a century old. its sparkling insights into human - and canine - nature ensure that THREE MEN IN A BOAT is as fresh and invigorating today as when it was first published. Формат: 11...

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